Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement – common problems and their solutions

Breast shape and size is a very important part of a woman’s figure but also a very-very important aspect of self-esteem. People who have had breast surgery have noted that they have gained a lot of šelf-esteem and have more confidence.

It is quite common that women are suffering from breasts that are too small compared to their body. This does not have any physical implications, but instead results in the person’s emotional side. 

Quite often woman mention that it affects theyr sex life and also šelf-esteem and confidence gets hits every time when they look at them naked from the mirror.

Breast enlargement surgery is a good possibility for improving breasts that are too small, in order to obtain the desired body shape. 

Women’s expectations are different. Most women wish to have natural-looking enlarged breasts, which are in harmony with their body, while some women desire very large breasts which cannot always be obtained because of surgical and technical reasons.

Corrective surgery is also necessary in women who have developed an involution (degeneration) of the breast following pregnancy and breastfeeding. The loose skin on the upper part of the breast leaves the impression of a languorous hanging breast – in that case corrective surgery can help people to feel happy again with their body.

Breast enlargement surgery generally provides good results because the skin of the breast is already stretched out. Sometimes a skin-tightening procedure should be performed to obtain optimal results – that is needed when the skin is too stretched out.

Breast enlargement is also a suitable way to improve body shape, if the shapes of the breasts are significantly different (asymmetry).

What to expect from breast enlargement surgery?

Women with proportional breasts have the best probability of obtaining aesthetically good results if their breasts are enlarged with implants. 

One should remember that an implant is palpable on accurate touching. The edge of the implant can especially be felt in the lower part of the breast where soft tissues are not as well developed.

If only enlargement is done then you have to be aware that you will get the breasts that you have, but just bigger (if enlarged with implants). Implants only make breasts bigger – they do not change the shape of your breasts. Further changing of breast shape is possible, but the price is the formation of scars

What should you take into consideration before breast enlargement surgery?

  • Health – the healthier you are before the planned surgery the better results you will have.
  • Smoking and alcohol – you should limit your consumption of nicotine and alcohol to a minimum. 
  • Medicaments – You should NOT take Aspirin or other such medicaments for a period of at least one week prior to the surgery.
  • Rest – you should have a rest at least a week (better if two weeks) after enlargement surgery, and exercise should be limited right after the surgery (please consult that with the doctor also).

At hospital

In general, one night should be spent in hospital after breast enlargement surgery. In doing so, monitoring by qualified personnel is ensured after the surgery. Some places say they let you out the same day, but for safety you should stay at least for one night.


In general, breast enlargement surgeries are performed under general anaesthesia, so you will be totally asleep during the surgery. Prior to the surgery, an anaesthesiologist will perform necessary research to guarantee the most suitable anaesthesia for you.

What implants to use? (see more from here)

There is a large selection of breast implants. Most surgeons use traditional breast implants filled with silicone. But there are different options when choosing one – saline breast implants, structured saline breast implants, silicone breast implants (most common), Gummy bear breast implants (silicone gel), round breast implants, smooth breast implants, textured breast implants and lightweight breast implants etc.

Surgery time and method? (more about methods)

The duration of the surgery is approximately 60 – 90 minutes (can be also longer).
The method used depends on womens anatomical properties and wishes, also on the recommendations of the surgeon.

The usual course of the surgery is the following:

A 4 cm incision will be made under the breast, around the nipples or under the armpit. Regardless of the area chosen, the surgeon will try to make the incision as invisible as possible. Scars usually become invisible during the healing process.

After making an incision, a pouch for the implant will be formed. This is situated behind the breast gland or behind the pectoral muscle. 

Most surgeons recommend deployment of the implant behind the pectoral muscle because the muscle will cover the implant better and the look will be more natural.

Before deployment, small drainage tubes will be positioned into the implant pouch to remove blood and aqueous humour during the first postoperative stage (12 – 24 hours).

Implants will be fixed with a strong bandage.

After breast enlargement surgery?

Most patients say that the breasts are painful during the first postoperative days because the breasts are tense. Therefore, normal movement of the upper body is a bit limited. Painkillers will typically be prescribed for this period to relieve pain. But please be careful with movement after surgery and do your best to rest at least a week after surgery.

Drainage tubes positioned during the surgery will be usually removed during the first postoperative days. The bandage will be removed at once or during the next few days.

Most clinics will provide you with a special bra which should be worn for the following 2 to 3 weeks – if not, please get it to yourself to get better results and heal quicker.

Stitches will be absorbed into the body, but if not stitches may require removal after 14 days (ask your doctor about that!)

At first the wound is flushed and hard but after some months have passed the wound will become lighter and will resemble the rest of the skin. You can start using special wound treatment creams or bandages three weeks after the surgery. The wound should be protected from sunlight for the first 6 months.

Depending on your condition, you may start usual everyday life within a few days, exercise is allowed after 4-6 weeks (wear a special bra).

Although the successful result of the surgery is visible quite soon after the surgery, the final result may take months (sometimes up to 6 months). 

The capsule has formed within 3 to 4 weeks and the tightness of the breast may last up to 8 weeks. After that the breast will become slowly soft again. Nipples can be very sensitive at the beginning, use protective devices for the nipples if that comes up. Normal sensitivity may take months to regain.

Depending on the type of implant and if your doctor agrees, you may start massaging your breasts starting from the third postoperative week. This helps the spreading of the implant capsule to prevent development of capsular fibrosis. 

Lying on your breasts to load the implants is also permitted and recommended.

After breast enlargement surgery you will NOT have any limitations (surfing, diving, doing sports, flying in a plane or having a hot sauna) – breast enlargement surgery is meant to improve your quality of life, not the opposite.

How will you look?

If treatment indications are correct and your expectations about the end result are realistic, most women are content and very happy with the results. 

Can breast enlargement surgery be done again?


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