What is breast lift surgery?

A breast lift surgery is where the surgeon will restore your firmer and perkier shape to sagging breasts. Besides many physical benefits of the breast lift, it gives women a huge mental positive boost to feel good about themselves again after gravity and age have done their natural job to their bodies. A breast lift […]

How soon can you go back to work after breast augmentation?

Choosing to have a breast augmentation is an exciting decision for many people and life-altering for women in many ways, starting from a new type of attention to boosting your confidence. But like with any other surgery, it’s necessary to take the recovery seriously and nurture your body back to the former or new glory. […]

What is the Keller Funnel breast augmentation?

…or also known as the Pastry Bag. Keller Funnel is a device for breast augmentation. It’s helpful for placing the implant into the chest pocket. The funnel basically looks like a pastry bag, the kind used for decorating cakes. It’s used to slip a breast implant into place. When the saline implant is rolled up […]

What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is the process of using the patient’s fat to increase the volume of fat in another area of their body. The fat is collected with a liposuction cannula. They are prepared for reintroduction into the body and injected into the new part of the body where the additional bulk is used for medical […]

Before or after having kids?

That’s a good question, right? And an important one as well that many of you will face in the build-up process. If you are planning to get a breast augmentation or having a family in the next year or so, you might hold off with one of the other. If you decide and you have […]

What are gummy bear implants?

A couple of weeks back we wrote about saline and silicone implants. There’s another option as well we didn’t talk about. The gummy bear implants. Gummy bear, of course, is a nickname for the type. Gummy bear implants are teardrop-shaped, gel-based implants. Compared to the saline and silicone implants, they are known to retain their […]

Tips and tricks for a smooth breast enhancement recovery.

Full recovery is the most vital part of the breast augmentation process to get the best possible experience on the road to your new look and figure. Recovery bras. These garments are specially designed to maximize your comfort after the surgery. It’s important to look for features such as breathable fabric, seamless design, adjustable straps […]

How to recover from breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for years. Before surgeries, however, learning what to expect after surgery can help you to better prepare for what’s to come. We also tend to underestimate the recovery time and want to get back to our normal routine as soon as possible. From professional […]

What’s the difference between Saline and Silicone implants?

Many of you might be going back and forth between choosing Saline-filled or Silicon gel-filled to get the result you desire. Which ones look more natural? What are the risks with each of these options? What happens if something happens with the implant? We might shed some light on and help you decide which option […]

What you must know before medical travel?

Karen Timmons, Erik Fleischmann MD and Bill Cook have written a very good article in Medical Tourism Magazine. They have put together a good summary of the most important aspects you need to take into account before taking your first steps in the fabulous world of medical travelling. Medical travel can offer us huge benefits […]