How soon can you go back to work after breast augmentation?

Choosing to have a breast augmentation is an exciting decision for many people and life-altering for women in many ways, starting from a new type of attention to boosting your confidence. But like with any other surgery, it’s necessary to take the recovery seriously and nurture your body back to the former or new glory.

All breast augmentation recovery times differ from one person to another. Our natural healing time is different. The recovery even comes down to what we eat and how much we sleep.

In general, there are many reasons why recovery can take more or less time to go back to work/school and return to your daily routine and normal flow.

What to keep in mind?

Most surgeons do recommend you to take it easy for six weeks after the procedure. No heavy lifting and activity during the most important phase of the recovery. Some patients can go back to work after two weeks of the surgery and some go back after a couple of days.

Boosting your recovery?

One way to boost your recovery is to do your best to avoid or minimalize physical and emotional stress. Consider working part-time until your energy gets back to normal. That may take up to a month or even a bit more. Like I already mentioned before, a good night sleep really helps your recovery. It’s totally normal to go to bed early because your body is coping with the new situation which takes a lot of energy, it’s easier to tire out and you may need more rest than usual.

While it’s important to get rest after your surgery, that doesn’t mean that you will become a couch potato for the next month or so. Prolonged immobility might create another type of problems. It can lead to complications like blood clotting in the legs, chronic fatigue, weight gain, swelling and also delay your recovery. It’s recommended to take short walks several times a day to get the metabolism and blood circulation going.

Enjoy your new figure and stay safe!

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