Abroadclinics.com Reviews Policy

For Patients

Your reviews are some of the most important content on AbroadClinics.com. Each one is seen by thousands of other patients looking to make up their mind about which clinics to contact.


We would like to publish every review we receive so to help you get your review published we have some simple guidelines for you to follow.

Review Guidelines

The review must relate to treatment you had at the clinic in question.

You cannot write reviews on behalf of someone or based on hearsay. You must have been a patient at the clinic yourself and undergone the treatment being reviewed yourself.


The review cannot be libellous or defamatory in any way.

You are publishing a review and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is accurate and not misleading as posting false information can have legal ramifications, whether the review is positive or negative in tone.


The review cannot mention staff members by name.

You are reviewing your treatment at the clinic in question, not any individual at the clinic. Specifically, there should be no personal insults or accusations in your review. Allegations of criminal activity or medical negligence should be reported to the proper authorities not in the review.


The review should be family friendly.

Even if the review is negative, you should remain polite and refrain from using profanity. Your review should adhere to normal email etiquette and not be written mostly in CAPS, or include HTML including links, styling or images.


The review should help other patients make their own decision.

We want you to share your experience with other patients so they can make better informed decisions. Stick to the facts and avoid opinions.


The review should not include any contact information.

Your review should speak for itself and not require further communication. You are not allowed to include phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses or postal addresses in your review, whether your own, the clinic’s, or a rival clinic’s.


Unfortunately, if your review breaks any of these guidelines it will not be published and AbroadClinics.com reserves the right not to publish any review. In the event that your headline is unsuitable we reserve the right to replace it with a piece of text from the body of your review.


The final publishing decision for any review remains with the clinic. However, in the case that a review is valid and a clinic chooses not to publish it, the scores contained in the review are still taken into account for the clinic’s overall review rating.

Your Privacy

Your email and phone number are stored safely and securely and will not be displayed to the public. However, if requested we will give your contact details to the clinic being reviewed. You will not receive spam from us or any other company. We may try to contact you to verify that your review is real, and we may reject reviews where we cannot make contact with the reviewer.


For Clinics And Their Staff

We want to publish as many reviews and testimonials as we can for your clinic. Each and every one helps new and returning patients make up their mind about whether or not to contact your clinic.


You should encourage your own patients to submit reviews on AbroadClinics.com. Following these guidelines will help you get your testimonials and reviews published.

Testimonial And Review Guidelines

Testimonials must be from treated patients.

Testimonials may only be submitted on behalf of patients who have been treated at your clinic. You may be required to provide proof that the patient attended your clinic and / or contact details for the patient in question in order for us to verify that they exist.


You may not review your own clinic(s) or rivals’ clinics.

No member of staff or anyone associated with them is permitted to submit a review of their own clinic or any rival clinic even if they have undergone treatment at the clinic in question.


Fake testimonials and reviews will be deleted.

Any testimonial or review that we identify as being suspicious will be removed and if found to be false will be deleted permanently, and your clinic may be penalized or removed from the search results on AbroadClinics.com. We store the IP address of all reviews and testimonials submitted, allowing us to track any suspicious patterns of behaviour.


Suppressed reviews will still count towards your clinic’s review score.

In the rare case that you decide to suppress a valid review on your profile, the scores contained within the review will still be used to calculate your overall review score.


You have the right of reply.

In the case that your clinic receives a negative review, you have the right to have your own reply appended to the review. We encourage clinics to do this rather than suppress reviews as greater transparency not only serves patients’ interests, it also builds trust in your own clinic.

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