Tips and tricks for a smooth breast enhancement recovery.

Full recovery is the most vital part of the breast augmentation process to get the best possible experience on the road to your new look and figure.

Recovery bras.

These garments are specially designed to maximize your comfort after the surgery. It’s important to look for features such as breathable fabric, seamless design, adjustable straps and pressure-free fit. Some styles even have bands that help you comfortably accommodate any post-up swelling that occurs.

Prepare your home and wardrobe beforehand.

The first week following the surgery will be the most difficult, so it’s wise to have all of your housework, clothes shopping and meal prep done before the surgery so that you can fully rest. It’s also a good practice to fill you pain prescriptions the day before your procedure.

Boobie buddy.

If possible, ask a friend or your partner to assist you following surgery. Especially if you have children. You’ll not be able to pick up small children for a few weeks while recovering, so plan for assistance as much as you can in the weeks following your procedure.


Make sure you get plenty of rest. If you’re not a big fan of sleeping then……well, start now. A good night sleep will help your body feel well and rested in order to handle your new guests. 2 guests to be exact. You will need all the pure energy you can get to put in the best possible track for a fast and full recovery.

Healthy food marathon.

If you have been planning to compete against the healthy way of living, clogging your arteries and skyrocketing your cholesterol level by finding out how many Burger King Whoppers you can eat on a daily basis then you might want to hold that off. Be sure you keep your kitchen stocked with healthy foods and hydrating drinks to help speed your healing. Remember that you will be sore and tired, so keeping light, easy foods on hand will help you stimulate your appetite.

Enjoy your new figure!

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