What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is the process of using the patient’s fat to increase the volume of fat in another area of their body. The fat is collected with a liposuction cannula. They are prepared for reintroduction into the body and injected into the new part of the body where the additional bulk is used for medical or cosmetic purposes. Most commonly the fat is being taken from the stomach, thighs and waist.

An awesome thing about fat transfer is that your body does not reject the fat because it’s your own fat. However, there’s a rate of absorption that does not survive. It’s important to select a surgeon that uses a proven technique with the highest fat survival rate.


  • No implant used;
  • Small incisions;
  • Uses your own excess fat;
  • Relatively low complication rate;
  • Breasts look and feel natural.


  • No standard technique;
  • Only enlarges one cup size;
  • A breast lift may still be needed;
  • Fat may be reabsorbed;
  • You must have enough spare fat to transfer.

How much fat is needed?

In order to effectively increase breast size, sufficient body fat to harvest at least 1 000 ml of pure fat is needed. Lean women are not good candidates for this procedure.


The technique requires a compliant, motivated patient. The best candidates for this procedure are self-motivated women, as the external expansion process is self-directed after an initial consultation with the surgeon.

Additionally, the expansion device has to be worn over the breasts for 10 to 12 hours per day for three to five weeks prior to the surgery. It’s a full-time job for a short period of time and demands a high dosage of self-discipline.

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