What is the Keller Funnel breast augmentation?

…or also known as the Pastry Bag. Keller Funnel is a device for breast augmentation. It’s helpful for placing the implant into the chest pocket. The funnel basically looks like a pastry bag, the kind used for decorating cakes. It’s used to slip a breast implant into place. When the saline implant is rolled up and slipped into a place and then filled in the body, the Keller Funnel allows surgeons to slip a silicone implant into the body.

The Keller Funnel may be more helpful with remote incision such as the periumbilical and axillary incision. It’s also more helpful for surgeons who are not as skilled at inserting an implant without trauma.

Steps in using a Keller Funnel:

  1. Trim the funnel
  2. Wet the inside of the funnel with saline, making the inner surface slippery
  3. Insert the implant into the funnel
  4. Propel the implant into the breast pocket

Benefits of using the Keller Funnel:

  • The ability to use a shorter incision length for implant placement;
  • A wider range of choices for incision placement;
  • Reduced force on the breast implant;
  • Quicker healing times for breast augmentation patients;
  • Increased protection against infection with the no-touch and minimal-touch techniques;
  • Less trauma to the tissue surrounding the implant;
  • Improved patient comfort following surgery.

Watch All Health TV short introduction as well about the Keller Funnel.

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